Monday, September 1, 2014

What happen to me?

Salut! Ana's here. Just wanna say I miss blog. It's been awhile since I've posted. So much had happened. And today is the perfect day to tell you hahaha. So here goes....

UiTM had transfer me *again* from Campus Seri Iskandar(SI) to Campus Tapah. I really hate here actually since it's hard for us to have fun. At SI the shopping mall is just outside the campus but here, we don't have anything except a train station to KL and Ipoh that cost a lot of money to have some entertainment. As a matter of fact, the foods and drinks here are wayyyy too expensive. I prefer living in KL than here. For f sake, a bottle of mineral water is RM2. Wadahell is that? This is not the airport. Cekik pelajar betul. Thanks God sini ni wifi zone. At least we're not going to die because of boredom. And somehow everyone in here loves to jog, skate and cycling. That's kinda interesting. Talk about home. Honestly, I don't miss home so much. But I need to take that MUET thingy this November, so after my examination I will definitely come home. And my family still dunno 'bout this. Surprise, surprise. By the way, I kinda miss my boyfriend. I'm not talking about new boyfriend, it's still him. That boy called Friendly. Guess his dad really want him to grow up friendly by giving that name lol. Yeahhh, it's kinda weird when Ana's being too loyal right? I dunno myself anymore. It's like I can't live my life without him. Sounds cliche, huh? LOL. But, yeahh I'm considering myself marrying that guy in the future. Last but not least, I love computer programming. That's new right? LOL.

Wanna post some pictures that sum up my journey :)

Big and happy family. We are not related by bloods but related by friendship.

Sabahan, Sarawakian, Chinese, India...all in one :)

Christy, me and Ade :)

the girls...pewwiitttt

with my best buddy - Mel

dinner at Setia City Center

sal yg giler2

the Sabahan

3 besties

my roommate for 4 semester in a row, can you believe it? lol.
meet Shera :D

me with basikal yg disewa lol

My new family here in Ipoh.

Life without ice-cream is no fun.

That's it. Bye :)

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