Friday, June 13, 2014

Second Thoughts

                 Thoughts don’t have to be ‘real’ or ‘true’ to create failure or success in our lives. They just have to believe. Take me for example; I always have thoughts and believe that my examination result for semester three is going to fail. And it sure did.
                 After one year and half of this, I began to accept that my hatred in Calculus is an indisputable and unchangeable fact. In Form 4, I failed Mathematics in every quiz, test and examination. Eventually, I passed in my SPM. One big problem stood between me and my awesome future-life-ahead: Statistics. The most stupid decision I’ve make is when I change my thoughts to further my studies in Statistics. What was I thinking?
                After facing all the horror examination results every semester, I mentally went into the fetal position. The panic was overwhelming. Can I finish my diploma if I keep repeating that same subject over and over again? This is the definition of mind torture. Life is like a coin. I can’t spend it anyway I wish, I can only spend it once.  What can I do?

Ana Lodungki


Hanamiko Sakura said...

u can do it ana ! :D do not give up dear

Ana ML said...

thanks sister. i'm not giving up yet. will work veryyyy hard this semester. no more lazy and sleepy ana. i'm bored to be that stupid student. pray for me thou :)