Friday, February 24, 2012

Better life ?

Annyeong !

It's been awhile since I didn't write anything here. Too many things have happened. Since SPM is over I became a farmer and business girl. Back then I think after SPM i can be free from anything and live with a relax life. However, as you know it's just my imaginary world. Being a farmer and a business girl at the same time make my life sucks. Dealing with everyday stress, I just can't stand it. Many people treat me bad, even the whether. Huh! Everyday I receive many 'compliment' because of my new skin color. Black. "Thank you guys".

On the other hand being apart from my boyfriend makes the situation even worse. He has gone to KL for 2 months. Both of us are busy and do not have time to chat. He works nights and i work days, how do we have a relationship if its continue like this ?

However, i felt blessed by the heavens for giving me opportunity to experience adult life. Now I know how hard my parents works to provide us a better life.

p/s: My grammar sucks. Sorry.

Kamsahamnida !

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