Monday, December 5, 2011


Today, 05-Dec-2011. 4:30PM... I'M FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can feel the tastes of reality,
And i'm waiting for you (yg blum hbis subjek) to follow me ! lol..

I'm free at last from secondary school and all its worry,
I'm free because that damn SPM is over !
Now I can go anyway without any hurry,
'Cause never again I will face with that shit.

I will miss you Tan Kar Boon, Fionna, Mimi, Jess, Nadia, Christina, Shazliante, Aminah, Felicia, AP23, my 'sayang', my friends & all of my AP neighbors.

*btw, still hoping that my result will be okay.

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