Thursday, June 13, 2013

Semester Break :)

Quite lazy to blog nowadays…hhhmmm…okay…so my holiday was a blast. I don’t want to spend my holiday like always which is facebooking, sleeping nor doing nothing. Therefore, I do my schedule properly. The result was inspiring. I've got to spend my time on hiking, sleepover, barbecuing  swimming, jamming and most importantly dating. HAHA! The experience was priceless. As a matter of fact, I've got the chances to met more people and see more what do Sabah, the land below the wind provide us in different perspective. It is quite a shame for us as a Sabahan for not knowing lots of extraordinary places and culture in the states.

Before you want to travel around the globe, it is better to know your own land. So, here are some pictures that sum up my journey during the semester break:

Every Sunday – Hiking at Taman Rekreasi Hutan Simpan Tagaroh.

Hiking at Kg. Minitampak.

Walk around Kg. Minitampak 1,2 & 3. No doubt, its exhausting.

Loss some weight and now…time to celebrate it!! Weee…

Happy Birthday Grandma !

There’s more but I didn't have time to post everything  Just so you know I finally found someone as talented as Sungha Jung. The cool part is, he is my own cousin! I will tell you more about him in the future. Adios!

p/s: maaflah jika english ku hancur :)


nadia oyoe said...

ana! punya cantik ni tmpat "Minitampak" !
cantik air terjun dia nih..
jan lupa bawa p sana k..

ლ 한효주ლ мïcнєℓℓєвεllε ώαταṉαвε said...

nice blog
Do drop by N Folow Me