Sunday, April 28, 2013

First Semester is OVER !

Bonjour beautiful Ladies and Gentlemen ! Hope life is treating you well. I've been gone for awhile because I didn't have time to write plus, the wifi at hostel was extremely slow. Back to the title of my post - YAAAYYYY!! \(^_^)/ hihi. Thanks God! my first semester is over. I miss home, family, friends and my beloved boyfriend :P Okay you guys, I don't want to talk much about what had happened. Maybe this quote seem cliche but 'Let the picture do the talking'.

UiTM Seri Iskandar 




Otw to Sabah babbyyy :P

Finally back to Sabah, after 4 months. HAHA. My dad welcome me by taking me to his favorite hiking spot ----> Reserve forest in Tagaroh. Let the calories burn.

Enjoy life. This is not a dress rehearsal :)


AnieZ cHeryLL said...

woahhh best laa kan kalo jarang pulang :D terus rindu1rindu :D selamat datang ke sabah balik ana :p

Aundrea said...

Gilaaaaa kehidupan ko cool oh ana! U get to travel a lot! Bah mari mengaktifkan diri di dunia blog time cuti2 ni hehehe :D

nadia oyoe said...

waaa....siookk oh ko ana..
sa pun mo p tmpat yg b'sejarah.
lpas tu hiking lagi. Great !
ana, sa rindu ko !

Hanamiko Sakura said...

ana, why you put my picture 'kaki terkangkang' huh?? hahahaha :p

beb, I miss you and shera. I also dream which I can fly to sabah right now. hahaha

rajin2 update blog ea :)
from selangor