Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bye 2012 , Hi 2013 ! :D

Wish you all a Happy New Year 2013!
I'm pretty sure all of us will open a new chapter in our life. For those of you who felt empty get yourself up. Hard life will suck you up if you stay still. Problems can wait, have some fun!

Okay, talk about me: My first visit to Klang Church was spectacular. Yayy, got to meet a lots of Sabahan. What a shocked, Bobbly the athlete was there too. And Christmas at KLCC was pretty awesome. I shop till I drop. HAHA! Thanks God I can control it in the end. Here some pics:

at church Klang

outside KLCC

well, you know this



before the Christmas show begin

Back to campus . 

p/s : i miss home :'(


AnieZ cHeryLL said...

woahhh . sweet la ana :) akhirnya menjejakkan kaki d negeri orang :D

Ana ML said...

haha , knon laa . hehe :D