Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Something that is not important :)

Warm greetings and deep respect to all of you ! :)

Semester break was quite boring . Spending a whole weeks holed up in room was definitely not amusing . I desperately want to hang out with my friends but i guess they were extremely busy with their own scheduled . Grrrrggh , knapalaa UiTM awal betul cuti ?? I still don't get it .So, what did i do to overcome my boredom ??

I spent my days tweeting and re-tweeting . I found some epic tweets . Here they are :

Roses are red, that much is true but violets are purple, not fucking blue.

Praying is wireless access to God with no roaming fees.

If twin females marry twin males, and they both have child, will both children look the exact same? - Mind = Blown

When you were little sticking your tongue out was like giving someone the middle finger.

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I've found some awesome videos . Here watch it :

This is a Dave, who had a big obsession with Miley Cyrus . He is hilarious . I think you might love him too . Thanks to Super Girl United ! *sebab kamu aku bisa mengenali Dave . . . hehe :D*

This song make me miss kindergarten, primary & secondary school so much .
Its lyrics was written beautifully .

This is pretty cute . I guess . HAHA!

Introducing Cobus Potgieter . I consider him as the greatest drummer I ever known . Incredible .

the opening was splendid !! don't you think ? heee  . . :D

Okay that's enough . Until next time . AdiĆ³s !!

p/s : hari ini c 'KAWAN' pigi kolej sudaa .

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nadia oyoe said...

boleh sempat jumpa kamu juga ka ni nt lpas kami hbis exam 8 oct?