Monday, October 15, 2012

Aloha everyone !! hehe :D

Its been so long since I didn't update my blog , huh ? Well , I was very busy with my campus life or whatever you call it . There's so much to talk about . I still remember what I felt like being 17 and fresh out of secondary school . I was glad to leave my uniform behind but I was not completely sure if that was a good choice . Okay let me tell you what had happened in my life for this past few months .

*at Kudat*

1. I am a shopaholic .

It's turn out that I am a shopaholic .Coming from a middle-class family, I could not afford to buy super brands stuff but that doesn't stop me . It's hard to admit but you can ask my roommate how freak I was when I saw something awesome . Snap! and all of it is in my hand . Shopping ? it's a tricky thing . See what I bought : 

*there's many more but that's enough*

2. 1st Semester - Pre-science Examination

It was such an easy peasy for someone who had prepared well but NOT me . This I believe , most of you can identify why . All in all , Mathematics was the hardest . It was really depressing because I never felt that way since kindergarten . But unpredictable things happened . I can answered Physics , Chemistry and Additional Mathematics quite well .  I mean better than SPM (I guess) . So , I hope and pray that I will be promote to diploma in engineering or statistics .

*studying ? nah , just pretending*

3. RIP Grandmother

My dad's mother passed away on 5 October 2012 . I was 6 when her half body had paralyzed due to stroke . We are the one who assigned to take care of her . She cannot walk anymore so , she stays with us . When she need to take a bathe we help her . When she want to eat or drink we give it to her . But one thing for sure , when I want to express my feeling she is always there to hear me and yet to comfort me . She was like my bestfriend . So , when some of them says that I didn't felt sad that she is gone , they were wrong . It is worse than that . But , I think GOD knows what best for her . I LOVE HER VERY MUCH and hope we will meet again someday in heaven .

*this is her*

4. "Janji Ditepati"

"Janji Ditepati" means promises that kept . For the very first time , our Prime Minister , Dato' Sri Najib Tun Abdul Razak had come to northern tip of Borneo . I'm glad that he had come . He had kept his promises since became the Prime Minister . But the truth is what excites me the most is the Army Exhibition . It was amazing !! Holding the 84MM Carl Gustav was the best feeling ever . Haha !

*awesome feeling*

In a nutshell , there is good and bad things happened but I just keep moving forward . Let the bad things give you lesson and good things give you pleasure . 


Mimieyy said...

yeah, I never sleep in class during teacher's lessons. Tapi selalu mengatuk lah. Hehehe. Oh, you went to Kudat yesterday. Read my post! I posted something about it :)

nadia oyoe said...

ana ! shopaholic suda..
naaa..kana jangkit durang c ally suda
ana Gud luck !
n takziah. =)

Mimieyy said...

rugi lah. sya datang jam 5 dah. masih ada 3-4 orang artis yang lain sudah pulang. rugi juga la tidak dapat bergambar dgn yg lain.