Friday, March 23, 2012


Yaayyy . i'm happy (^____________^)

Thanks God for answering my prayers .
My results was NOT 5A's above but still i feel awesome .

Well, maybe my chemistry and biology sucks but its okay - my add math and physic credit baa . LOL. #pujidiri

Everyone think i'm a dumb ass (my guts tells me) since i have kick out from 'Impian'. Malu tak terhingga actually .

Therefore i torture myself by staying in hostel  . It's worth it . I get to spent more time with Mathematics . Make History as my bedtime story . Respect Malay .
Start learning Account . And begin to love KPOP . wait~ out of topic . Well, you'll get the idea .

i give 60% of my effort . never in my life i give more than 50% in studies . lol.

btw , congratulation to my best friend Jia Wen, my friends in 5 Jujur, my cousins especially Adzhar and to all SPM CANDIDATES .

Wish you all HAPPY! :D


Norafifah Roshman said...

wah! tahniah ahh :D
hehe. sy takut pula ni addmath.
next year SPM yaww :)

Ana ML said...

Thanks!! jgn takut2 , God will lead your way :D