Monday, March 26, 2012


Why can't you give me a chance to go to a place where I want to . Mum , I beg you to let me go there . Why did you agree at the first place anyway ? Now I feel like a shit flush down in main hole . Mum, I promised you I will do my best . I know i'm a stubborn person but times has given me a lesson . I will do whatever you wish for if only you can give me a green light .I know how expensive and hard it will be . But , i just can't stop thinking about it .

I remember when you didn't let me go to MRSM after UPSR . I remember when you didn't let me go to army school after PMR when I have the qualification . I did not protest a bit , right ? I just shut my mouth up and go on . But now , I want to live my dream mum . The army stuff was already gone from my mind since you have taken it . Therefore do you want me to wash away the only dream left ? I wish you wouldn't .

God you are the only person who can understand both of us . Will you let me go there ? Give me a sign God . I really need it . Maybe this is my over desire but if it seems good can you help me to soften my mother's heart . Forgive my sins and sent your angels to guide my way Lord .



nadia oyoe said...

God Bless you ana ! :)

Ana ML said...

thanks yoe :D