Wednesday, November 2, 2011


My boyfriend and I have been dating for 7 months 4 weeks & 2 days. He's by far the best boyfriend I've ever had.

I already love and appreciate him more than any other boy I've ever dated. He is currently in hostel studying (IDK) FYI I'm kind of upset about it. 

I miss him. He's too busy with his studies. I know SPM is near lalalalalaa~ and sowhatever. DANG! but hey, can i meet you. The issue is I know how silly this is. I'm acting like he's dead when thankfully he's totally fine. But the distance, and the fact that I can't talk to or see him everyday, is literally making me depressed

No matter how I try to talk myself out of it I keep feeling this way. I feel like a little brat but I can't stop. This is all a little foreign to me because with past boyfriends I'd get sick of them sooner rather than later so when they went away for a few days or months I'd actually feel relieved to have a break. 

I haven't gotten sick of him and missing him is pissing me off. I am now lashing out at him when he does call and I know it's completely wrong and unfair. I should be happy to hear from him instead of giving him attitude. What do I do? I can't help but feel this way!

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