Monday, January 28, 2013

Mature huh?

Am I mature enough? Hell, NO. Whatever I do, I always ended up travelling in my imaginary world. I can't help it. It's easier to let my fantasy run than focusing on something normal. I don't know I just love to dream super things like having magic durian boats, play music instrument made from candy with a group of frogs, having party with bunnies in a cave full of diamonds and many more.

But people keep saying that my dream are lame and those dreams seem too big to come true. Well, that's what dreams are meant to do! They're meant to make us see as if we don't know up from down because dreams are dreams and that's why dreams are worth having around! Okay actually, I got that inspiration from 'The Awesome Book'. However, why am I talking about this stuff? Well, most of classmates say my act is so childish. Childish enough until their talk and laugh about it.

 What do they expect me to do? Sit straight and act like an adult who seems like robot rather than human? Letting my tongue out like those kindergarten is way more better than giving someone a middle finger. I guess. Urgh, what am I saying? Back to the main topic here, I know most of you wouldn't understand but please try to respect my 'species'. I mean some of us were born in this way so it's difficult for us to change that. Do you guys think I didn't bust my ass trying to be mature? I did, but still I can't. Sorry.

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Unknown// said...

finally, someone who undrstnd my feelings haha yeay for imagination :D anyway, i think i know u sis ana.. u're my senior in smkkm :)

p.s: followed u!