Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nice Day Huh?

Happy Sabbath !
I'm going to smile and make everyone think i'm happy.I'm going to laugh so that everyone think i'm having a beautiful day.But the truth was i'm really mad.

Why? Well, its our 1st anniversary babe. It's killed me when you just play dumb last night.
If you in front of me I think I'm going to kick your ass. Really hard. No doubt.
I don't care if you forget all about it but when you give me that kind of attitude. Satan damned bloody hell, I'm mad. What am I saying?

Saying sorry in a cynical way make me even wanna......well, hit you till you died pass out.
Grrrr, is this one of your stupid way to add my stress. Congratulation my dear, you have done sooooo well. Let me give you a big slap in your face applause.

Okay, maybe by counting my blessing this morning i can overcome these extra stress you have given. 1, 2 , 3 ...... 100.

p/s: i'm sorry God.

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